South Carolina Coast and North Georgia

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    Visiting folks over there this past late June/early July, I fit in plenty of fishing with friends and family which included:

    Hooking rays off the dock on the ol' half-a-blue-crab sitting on the bottom. Battling them up to the leader can take a l-o-n-g time.


    Paddling a sit-on-top kayak into the marsh and catching my first ever sea trout, and then some more. They call 'em "specks" down in the Low Country. I did not use a fly for this particular endeavor. My father-in-law caught a real nice redfish on an in-line spinner back in there.

    FollySeaTrout.jpg Like_A_Boss.jpg

    Catching my first redfish. This one was on a fly.

    IMG_1733.JPG JoelCasts2.JPG

    Bass fishin' the Hooch. The upper Chattachoochee, that is. Did a canoe float down it too--that was fun.

    ChattahoocheeHabersham.jpg HoochSpot2.jpg ChattahoocheeShoalBass.jpg ChattahoocheeHabersham.jpg