South Fork of Snake - July 2007

Some pics of the incredible fishing we had on the SF this year. ~ 70 fish in 4.5 days, 100% of them caught on dry's, average size was 14-21" healthy fish! We caught Browns, Rainbows and Cut's.

BTW, the largest fish caught (by my dad :rolleyes:) is not included in these pics.

Enjoy! :beer2:
Great pics Bryan. That's beautiful country isn't it? I learned to fly fish on that river and it remains my favaorite place to fish. I was there two weeks ago and while it wasn't hot by South Fork standards we did get some nice fish and had a great time.

Mike Ediger

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Beautiful! I am not sure why I read the trip report section anymore.
Every time I do it makes me more jealous. :eek:
Thanks for sharing.