South Sound Revisited

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-18-01 AT 10:37 PM (PST)[/font][p]Okay, so I’m delinquent. Here’s a recap of my past 9 days in the salt. I'm sure with 66 registered users, we'll see additional reports posted after this 3-day President's day weekend.

2/11 - Inaugural trip for my new T&T Horizon 906S in my favorite little spot just up the street from Mary K’s place. Fish popping the surface everywhere and I got skunked. I mean, totally S-K-U-N-K-E-D!! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Must have been the Karma evening the scorecard. The rod, however, is awesome. If you haven’t tried one before, do so before you make your next rod purchase. Morning Hatch and Worley Bugger are the two Washington Flyshops that carry them that I know of. Also switched to a Cortlant 444 .031 floating running line and a Cortland SWT8F shooting head cut back to 27-feet (it balances there for me) - don‘t know why I decided to switch to this, but I did. Maybe for the smaller diameter running line? Not only regained my previous distance, but increased it by about 12-feet, all with detectable less effort. I like this, its a good thing. :)

2/16 - Back to “the spot” - a diamond in the rough or, for those of you familiar, a real “Pearl." 6 Silvers 13“-16” on my pink shrimp pattern in (see previous post under South Sound Report for the pattern.) Gave a Clouser a serious try when they began clearing the surface 2-hours before peak high tide but to no avail. I don't think they're onto baitfish patterns yet although some of their behavior suggest they are. Gotta go back to the drawing board on this one and rethink it.

2/18 - 2 Silvers and a Cutt off the point where Goodnough Creek dumps in (most folks seem to pass this spot up opting instead to stay below the access path or off to the right towards the bridge.) The Cutt was the biggest I’ve ever caught here - a MEASURED 21-inches. What a spirited fight it was! Both Silvers 15-inches. All caught, again, on the pink shrimp pattern. Strip, strip, strip, pause (about 20 sec.) Strip is like shaking down a thermometer (some call it the "amphipod hop:); take is usually on the pause. One other FF'er caught a small Silver on a Clouser; go figure! Saw something I’d never seen here before. A gear-head hauled in a 13-inch WILD juvenile Steelhead (clearly a Rainbow) on a #4 silver Blue Fox Spinner. Could ther be a saltwater steelhead fishery developing here? Be still, my heart. Or was this simply the villiage idiot who lost his way? Boxcar? Rod-N-Reel? HELP!!!

Wife off to a conference for a week beginning 03/03/01 - My crystal ball shows a solid week of flyfishing ahead. If you happen by and see a black 1999 Ford F250 4X4 Offroad Pickup with FFF and TU decals in the back window, stop by and say hello.

Saw an update dated 2/16 on the WDFW site today announcing the closure of several rivers to ALL fishing effective 03/01/01 through 05/31/01 (assuming I read it correctly; I think I did.) Most distressing was the Snoqualmie River system. Chris, its beginning to look like June for a Mid-Fork rendevous. :(

Chris Scoones

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[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Feb-20-01 AT 01:01 AM (PST)[/font][p]Would of loved to have seen that cutt! Are SRC in the salt seasonal? I'm head down in a project at work these days but after (4-6 weeks) I'd like to hit the beach, hopefully hook up with you.

We're ok on the Snoq Forks as they are above the falls...

Closure Location: Snoqualmie River from its mouth to Snoqualmie Falls.



Scott Willison
Great post Greg! While I have yet to catch the elusive saltwater steelhead (or even really target them for that matter) it is not outside the realm of possibility that what the gearhead landed--and hopefully released unharmed--was an out-migrating juvenile steelhead. I doubt, however, that we are on the verge of a burgeoning South Sound saltwater steelhead fishery. Steelhead generally split for the high seas not long after leaving their natal river as opportunistic 6"-10" fish looking for an endless smorgasbord. I have not heard of any steelhead residualizing in the Sound like many of our coho and cutts. If they did, we'd most certainly be all over it though, wouldn't we? I'm guessing the old "amphipid hop" with a sized-down General Practitioner would be about right. I was over on the Peninsula this last weekend chasing their full-grown brethren and had quite a time--one of those rare multiple fish days when the water's low and clear, the sun is shining, you're sight fishing, and very nearly forgetting you're not exactly in New Zealand. (Chris I have those pictures for you--sorry I've been slacking).

Congratulations on that bruiser cutthroat! They're certainly out there and what a rush when they jump on board. I may be heading down to Mary K's place Monday afternoon, depending on the tides...perhaps I'll have the good fortune of seeing you out there.

Whidbey has a good saltwater steelhead fishery. Estuaries at the mouths of the rivers with steelhead runs are usually pretty good. I just can't figure out why that little dude was where he steelhead rivers in the area that I'm aware of.

I'll be giving it a shot Sunday (early morning and probably again mid afternoon.) Will info you on results.

Was it getting crowded on the Peninsula last weekend?