South Sound SRC report

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by ChrisW, Jul 10, 2005.

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    Stole away from our annual July 4th campout for some SRC fishing in area 13 on Sunday 7/3. The timing was not ideal (midday, low tide, lots o sunshine), so I went with a sink tip and a weighted shrimp pattern to probe a little deeper, contadicting an earlier post about how I always fish for SRC with floating line. :)

    I was in a sea kayak which let me cover the water quite well. I was only out for about an hour but I was rewarded with a fat 14"r , a very nice fish, even more rewarding considering that my "plan" worked.

    Here was what worked: slooow troll (backwards in the sea kayak so I could see my line). I also casted to shore occaisionally but the trolling method is what brought the fish. I Stayed in water that was shallow enough to see the bottom. I had all my fly line out to give maximum distance between the boat and fly. Pattern: some pearl bonefish shrimp pattern, about a #6, that has been in my saltwater box for years. A little more elaborate than a crazy charlie but similar, tied with barbell eyes and a "weedless" mono loop which seemed to help with the salad situation. 6' 3x leader.

    The fish was hooked fairly deeply but the babell eyes insured this was in the roof of the mouth which enabled a fairly easy release. This goes back to my earlier post when I suggested that floating lines may lessen chances for deeper hooked fish because the fish are more intent with returning to the bottom rather than swallowing the prey. seems to hold true for me.

    Tried to recreate this yesterday in a nearby spot, this time at high little tug but that was it.