Speaking of RED'S on the Yakima

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Robin, Feb 26, 2002.

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    I was over towards Forks this weekend and ran across a fella who fishes the yakima river pretty regular he told me he heard that Reds had sold to a group of fishermen, they were going to remodel and build a store etc....any one know anything about it?
    If true, I will surely miss those two old friends, and their kindliness to the flyfisherman. They always had one more spot for you if you ran late and they were full. Great folks. :CONFUSED
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    All may not be lost. Here is a quote from a early February river report from the Worley-Bugger Fly Co.
    "Red's Fly shop operating in the lower Yakima Canyon below Umtanum Creek was recently purchased by (3) individuals. We had the pleasure of meeting them early last week and they have informed us that they will continue to offer the great service that Red and Marlene have provided Yakima River fly fishermen over the past years. They will continue to offer there reliable shuttle services for the canyon sections of the Yakima. As soon as they provide us with pricing information, we will be happy to pass it on to everyone interested. Red and Marlene have decided to retire and the staff and management of Worley Bugger wishes them the best of luck."

    Hope this helps,

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