Swap Spey and Dee fly swap


I also spend much time on those rivers as well, my home river is the Muskegon and it is filled with steelhead right now. Wish I did not ave to work, off to Columbia tonight for a few exciting days, not sure what to expect in that part of the world.:confused:

You guys have plenty of great fly shops around you that you can get the materials that you need, BEP, bronze mallard, schlappen and that sort, beware though the BEP is not cheap.bawling:

We just need a few more and we are set, if we do not get 10 by next week then we can stick with 7 I guess.

I actually bought a BEP skin last year and have not used it all that much. I will be using it for this swap though!

Ed Call

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I would not mind joining. I've never tied any speys but recently became the proud owner of a full set of first quality speys to attempt to replicate. I'll leave it to the members and swapmeister to punch my ticket or punch me out.
Ed, If my opinion counts for anything (usually no...) I would love for you to join. your chum flies were great btw, and actually your precious variant could be considered a spey style fly so you are well on your way!

Ed Call

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Thanks Eric. I appreciate the feedback on flies I've tied. On occasion I've even seen one hanging from the mouth of a feisty fish.
I believe that's ten, I will have a list of all the participants tomorrow I have to help my son with his homework.

I am looking forward o seeing everyones flies, thanks for joining.

Alright here we go.

Spey and Dee fly swap participants:

Chris Johnson
Eric Tarcha
Slippery Whippet
Daryl Holmstrom
Clint F
Jake Bannon

That makes ten total, everyone makes ten flies and the flies need to be tagged with you name and the name of the fly, please don't forget to tag them it helps out a great deal.

Each batch of flies sent to me should have packaging for me to send back out and must be pre-paid so I can just turn them around and get them back to you ASAP.

We have 8 weeks to get them done and sent to me, please do not be late this is plenty of time and we should be able to handle tying 10 flies in 8 weeks.

I will post the flies on the site as they come in.

Have fun guys and let's keep in touch, any questions be free to ask.


Ed Call

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Sorry all, but with the disappointment of failed married wing and then hariwing ties and then needing to concentrate on finding a replacement vehicle I've been well off schedule. I'm out of time before I leave town and have failed to get anything that I'm willing to send in. I must be a loser and drop out at this late date. My apologies.