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    Spey O Rama 2012, The World Championship of Spey Casting (schedule attached)

    We invite all to beautiful San Francisco's Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club for The Jimmy Green International SPEY-O-RAMA, The World Championship of Spey Casting, April 20 - 22, 2011

    Prospective participants and attendees with questions please contact Chairman Tom Gong at [email protected]

    The event is open to the public and admittance is free.

    Domestic and International casting masters will be offering free demonstrations and clinics each day. Premium fly-fishing tackle manufacturers will have their products available for your testing.

    Competitors and FlyFishing experts include:
    James Chalmers, Ruari Costello, Gerard Downey, Lee Davison, Tommy Aarkvisla, Greg Bencivenga, Mia Sheppard, Loc Vetter, Whitney Gould, Donna O’Sullivan, Simon Hsieh, Geir Hanson, Sergey Kluev, Knut Kasine Ekelund, Bill Rogers, Vadim Utrobin, Doug Duncan, Gene Oswald, Tim Warriner, Glen Nagumo, Frank Chen, Burt Rances, Gary Kalinka, Ed Filice, Jim Ansite, Zack Williams, Marcy Stone, Anita Strand, Travis Johnson, Gordon Anderson, Bruce Kruk, Charles St. Pierre, Tyler Kushnir, Knut Systad

    The casting competition schedules will include practice session on Friday, qualifying rounds on Saturday, and final competitions on Sunday.

    Some of the programs are:

    Fly Fishing Presentations:
    Fishing The Ponoi River in Russia – Barrett Mattison
    Swinging Flies for Steelhead – Mia Sheppard, Little Creek Outfitters
    CF Burkheimer Spey – Kery Burkheimer

    Casting Demonstrations:
    Switch Rods – George Revel
    Top & Bottom hand techniques - Greg Bencivenga
    Skagit Lines – Mike Mccune
    Bobbing and Swinging : Versatility of Switchrods – Craig Nielsen
    Drawing the cast under constant tension – Lee Davison & Tommy Aarkvisla

    James Chalmers - The Carron Rod & Case Company
    Klaus Frimor – Guideline
    Jeff Putnam – Jeff Putnam’s Fly Fishing Schools

    Lunch is available for the general public at the club for a nominal fee on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Dinner is available on Friday and Saturday.

    Lunch and Dinner for Spey-O-Rama 2012 are sponsored by:
    Sage – lunch
    California Fly Shop, San Carlos, CA - lunch
    Snake River Outfitters - lunch
    Temple Fork Outfitters – Saturday Dinner
    Saturday pre-dinner Sponsors: Macallan’s Scotch pre-dinner tasting sponsored by Macallan’s, and Entertainment sponsored by Sport Kilt Inc.

    Casting Competition Prizes Generously Donated by the following Sponsors:

    Saracione Manufacturing Co.:
    Men 1st Place: Deluxe II 3 ¾” fly reel
    Women’s 1st Place: Deluxe II 3 ¾” fly reel
    Senior Men’s 1st Place: Deluxe II 3 ¾” fly reel

    Snake River Outfitter:
    Men Longest Cast: Salmon Reel
    Women Longest Cast: Salmon Reel
    Sr. Men’s Longest Cast: Salmon Reel

    Guideline: http://www.guideline
    Women’s Longest Cast: 13’7” 8/9# LeCie Spey Rod

    Auction Items:
    Fly Fishing Equipment generously donated by the Contributors below in support of the Spey-O-Rama event will be auctioned during the event, starting on Friday and ending after the Saturday night dinner:

    Anderson Custom Rods – ACR Spey Rod
    Temple Fork Outfitters – TFO Rod of Choice Gift Certificate
    Burkheimer Rods – Spey Rod
    Beulah Fly Rods – Spey Rod
    Rio – Selection of Spey Lines
    Waterworks/Lamson – Fly Reel
    GLoomis – Fly Rod
    Echo – Fly Rod
    Shasta Trout - Guide Trip
    Allen Fly Fishing – Fly Rod
    Adams Angling – 13” Courtland Spey Rod
    Tenkara USA – Tenkara Fly Rod
    Steelhead Flyfisher - 1 print by Jeff Bright

    Spey-O-Rama 2012 Event Schedule is as follows:

    April 20, Friday:
    - Exhibits, Equipment Auctions
    - Competition Casting Practice

    April 21, Saturday:
    - Exhibits, Fly Fishing Presentations, Equipment Auctions
    - Spey Demonstrations/Clinics
    - Competition Qualifying Rounds

    April 22, Sunday:
    - Exhibits
    - Spey Casting Competition Finals
    - Spey for Trout Three-person Team Competition

    Sponsors of SOR 2012 include: Saracione Mnufacturing Co., Snake River Outfitters. California Fly Shop, The Macallan, Guideline, Sage, Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO), Japn Casing Association, Waterworks/Lamson, Anderson Custom Rods, Burkheimer Rods, Beulah Rods, GLoomis Rods, Echo Rods, Rio, Tenkara Rods, Allen Fly Fishing, Shasta Trout, Adams Angling, La Felice Convivio Winery, EK Outdoors, Vintage Wine Estates, and Sport Kilts Inc.

    Burkheimer Rods, Anderson Custom Rods, The Carron Rod & Case Company, Fly Day International Ltd., Little Creek Outfitters, Sage/Redington/Rio, Saracione Manufacturing Co., Snake River Outfitters, and many more.
    __________________ Support Spey O Rama by joining GGACC. for science based information on fly fishing.

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