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Hello! I planned to be out fishing but my wife came down sick so I have nothing to do but tie flies in between nursing her today.Can someone out there point me to a website that shows spey patterns and how to tie them? I tie a pretty mean steelhead fly but I would like to learn more about spey flies.
Thanks much! Daryl
Hey Boss!
Missed ya out there today. Hope your wife's feeling better.Truth be known, I'd do the same for mine without a second thought. Well......... maybe a thought and a half :)
Man you missed it today though.That water was so sweet it made me teeth hurt just wading in it.(Green river)I was five minutes into my routine of bouncing my fly off the bottom when my line paused. Man I'm tellin ya, a funny car couldn't have accelerated any faster when he felt the sting of that 1/0 hook. That fish took off like a lightning bolt about ten to fifteen yards downstream rolled in the surface a couple of times and spit my hook back at me. Doh! My heart fell to the bottom of my ice cold leaky waders.The whole incident took less than ten seconds.
But in retrospect, any steelhead action is better than no steelhead action.
I rested the hole for about fifteen minutes before I came back and decorated a sunken Christmas tree with two of my best flies. Early morning had turned into mid-morning /early gnoon and my feet were getting cold(probably do to the half gallon of water in my footies)
About that time the gear guys come crawlin' outta the woodwork. And since there were no chum to be seen, I assumed they were after the same quarry ,so I decided to call it day.
Next weekend ya gotta go. Them fish are in there.
I'll keep my eye out for spey patterns for ya.
See ya tommorrow,
Hey Daryl,
I found a few sites to start with
Some other names you might want to run through your search engine are:
Bob Veverka
Syd Glasso (A legendary local)
Alec Jackson (also a legendary local)
General Noel Money
Roderick Haig-Brown
A.H.E Woods
And don't be afaid to visit Atlantic salmon sites as the flies used to catch these fish are the basis for nearly all steelhead designs.
Also, check the fly's origins: The river Spey in Scotland
Hope this helps,
Hi Larry!I feel almost as rotten as my wife right now for missing this weekend.I let her know a few times (kidding of course)but I was looking forward to being there x( .Oh well,definately next weekend.I am almost in pain right now thinking I have to be at work tomorrow but gotta pay the bills I guess.Thanks for the info on the sites and I will see you at work tomorrow.


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I have gotten many great patterns from this batch of sites, there are generally easy instructions and have decent pictures . Hope this helps, have fun.

Each of these sites has a few spey patterns, the anglefire site is one of my favorites, because of the large number of patterns on the site.I like this one too, home.online.no (in particular Jan Gunnar Furuly has some really great older stuff) from the river spey. You have to go look for them and gosh it takes time, but can be well worth it.

Chris Scoones

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LINKS: Spey Patterns


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