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I just built a 13' 7/8 spey rod and was wondering what the smallest size fly reel I should get if I use an 8 wt line? Thanks for any replies

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Steve Buckner

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The size of reel will depend upon which fly line you choose and/or how much backing you'll use. The long belly lines like the SA XLT will use alot of reel quickly! If you're using something like the Rio Mid-spey, you can get by with something slightly smaller. I've been using a Bauer MX5 (4.25" diameter) for my 7 weight, and an MX6 (4.5" diameter) for my 9 weights.

Steve Buckner
We can have debate on reels for days!
3.5 inches is the smallest you want to go, and 4.5 inches should be the biggest you should go. Balance the rod out is most importent thing.


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A 9/10 fly reel should get you the line with 100 yards of backing or more. For my 13 foot spey rod I use a Ross G-5 and a Redington AL 9/10, both of which balance well and hold plenty of line.

OK you ask for it.

My 6/7 wt. spey rods.

Spey line(55/75 ft. belly line) I'll use a 4.0 inches reel.

If I use a Skagit Line (40/50 ft. belly line) I'll use 3.5 inches reel.

Now about reels get the best reel you can afford, you don't want to buy another reel 12 months later!
Don't laugh I did.
.04 (it went up)

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Good, succinct response.

The weight of the reel and how it balances the rod and the ability to hold your line of choice should be probably be the primary factors. Backing needs are highly overrated.

Oh, yeah, forgot that budget is important, too!