Spey Rod Seat/Handle


I've decided to build a Sage 6126-4 for this season. Does anyone know what reel seat is used by sage? Who builds cork handles for this type of rod?

Craig Hardt

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When you say "build" do you mean finding someone who makes custom grips or buy a pre-made retail grip?

For pre-made grips there are a dozen online retailers that carry them or since you are in Vancouver you can also head over to Angler's Workshop in Woodland and look at what they have.
I was over at Angler's Workshop yesterday, to get a catalog. They do have a nice selection of premade grips (worst case, I'd dig out my lathe). I'm interested in whose reel seat Sage uses on their light apey rods? Thanks again.
Im not sure what seet sage uses. Ive been using a struble u15hg seat on a few builds lately and they are pretty nice. They also make a larger version u18hg. I think the u15 would work for your 6126. I know Bob Meiser is now using these seets on his rods so that should tell you something about there quality and performance. There also fairly reasonably priced. Might be worth a look. Im pretty sure Ive ordered them through anglers workshop so they probably have them in stock. Good luck on your build. Kevin

I'm going over to Angler's tomorrow. Spoke with them on Friday and was told that they routinely put together kits for Sage buildups. I also spoke with Sage and they too pointed me toward Angler's Workshop. I already have a 6136-4 that I've been fishing this season. The new rod I'm building is for a fishing buddy who also wants one (after my rave reviews).
Thanks, ED