Spey Rods

We have three new toys on the try rack for your casting pleasure.

Heritage 14' 9/10 4 piece
Lamiglas 12'9 8/9 6 piece
Lamiglas 14' 10/11 6 piece

They are waiting with all the lines for you to come and take them out for a cast.

Have Fun!


Old Man

Just an Old Man
If they had to wait on me they would be there forever. I got a new toy,well it's not new but it's new to me and it just sits there. My buddy showed me a few things but being that I'm lame-brained it didn't sink in. So the rod just sits there collecting dust. A 9/10 14' St Croix. I believe that it is too much rod for a beginner.

But this is just the mussings of an old man that doesn't know any better.



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I too own a St. Croix 13' 8 weight and it has been collecting dust. I have used it once on the Sauk and caught three dolls...none were blond or well endowed.I used choice words when my backcast got caught in the backbrush. I recently went through a local spey class on the SKY and was ridiculed about my St. Croix. (not by people in class...but the outsiders) I told them I was heading for Alaska ....they told me it would never hold up ...they semi-promoted SAGE and CND. I own a couple of St. Croix Rods plus two sages and a winston....they are all comparable. St. Croix did justy fine in AK....Whats up with negativity towards St. Croix Spey Rods....I bought mine because of price and was venturing into something I wasan't sure about.???


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Rod snobs suck... You didn't get the best rod in the world, but so what? What cars were THEY driving? Who made their glasses? Your rod may break in Alaska, just like any rod may break in alaska! Stick with it! Visit the good folks at River Run during one of their Claves! Or anytime for that matter! You too old man! It's a toy, and it's supposed to be fun.
We do a variety of things differently at our shop. First we have rods and lines from all manufacturers in all sizes so we and you can try them on your rod. The river is 2 minutes away so you can even try them in the water, what a novel concept. If you bring your rod by the shop we will figure out, if we don not already know, what line will make your rod sing. Phil is a good example. He came by the other day looking for something to rejuvenate his affection for his 7136 and in 15 minutes we had a smile on his face the size of Alaska. Bring your rod and reel by the shop anytime Wed-Fri from 11-6 and we will give you personalizedd help. In addition we offer 'Saturday on the River' from 9-11AM most Saturdays at the confluence of the Tolt and the Snoqualmie. There we polish the casting skills of willing Spey folk as well as providing an opportunity for folk to cast the latest in Spey gear.

Call 425 333-4446 or email [email protected] to confirm Saturday mornings

Come on down!


Old Man

Just an Old Man
I know what you mean. Was up on the Skagit making a fool of myself when this guy says what a big flyreel. And I said it goes with the rod I'm carrying. 14' of rod.

And as for that thing on most saturdays. I know about them but for some reason beyond my control I never seem to make them. I sure could use just about a little help. I've been to a few of these claves but didn't want to be the fool casting the big rods so I didn't partake. I have this thing about making a fool out of myself.

C'mon Jim, your too old to worry about looking like a fool.
That's for youngsters to worry about. Go, be humble, but try to learn a little each time.
Bob, the All I Need Is A Thousand More Hours Of Lessons.:thumb :thumb :beer2

And to hell with that St. Croix hating crew. They just want you to be a sucker and buy up a new Sage or something.
Maybe I will but it won't be because of their snotty little attitude.
Bob, the St. Croix Man:smokin
I know a lot of people on this board already know about River Run, but if you haven't been there, go. Just be prepared to have a hard time leaving! Both Jack and Aaron took me out and gave me hours of free instruction. Jack even helped me tune my old Eagle Claw $20 rod, instead of trying to sell me a new one! These guys love what they do and those are two of the most enjoyable afternoons I've spent in a long time, even if I did just catch dandelions.

I'm going fishing with Jack this weekend. I'm sure I'll have more good things to say after that.

Hal Eckert

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St Croix Spey guy here also. Want to check out the new Lamiglas speys though have heard some good things about them. That 12"9 8/9 weight looks like what I would be interested in.

Have had the St Croix 13 foot 7/8 weight spey since Feb 02. Not one problem with it and its hooked well over 30-40 steelhead and kings with no problems. My fly shop owner says it is the only spey rod needed for the GLs rivers which are not as wide as the PNW rivers where longer casts are very beneficial. I used it for its superior mending abilities and not for long casts.

Love out fishing the guys with the expensive Sage fly rods. LOL

Am looking for another Spey rod 8/9 weight probably will not be a St Croix.

Great value for the $ 240 price of the St Croix 13 footer.

I casted the CNDs and they are nice for their price range. Was not too enanored with their rod cosmetics though. Their 8/9 weight was a nice rod think it was the expert series, and will be considering that one along with some others.

I will not be buying a Sage though for 600-700 I can tell you that for sure, they are nice, but I will not be able to justify it to "The Princess".


Old Man

Just an Old Man
Hey,Bob,Bob,Bob I stopped in the Spey shop in Carnation today and got corrected in my ways. And going back Saturday morning to get some more instruction. 9 to 11 on the river. The gentleman in the shop was very helpful and right now I use all the help I can get. But for now as long as it isn't raining out I can practice in the back yard on the grass.

I have to admit, the 'Old Man' was booming the WindCutter out there when I left him. He will do well with a little time in the saddle.

I wonder if we should start some sort of Gothic Speyshop, like 'Monster Garage'?



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>I wonder if we should start some sort of Gothic
>Speyshop, like 'Monster Garage'?

Just got a used rod I couldn't say no to. The catalog refers to its "understated elegance". I think it could use a flame paint job!
Hey Porter,

I've got a little secret for the rod snobs: the FISH DON'T CARE what kind of rod you're using - Duh!

I've got a single-handed St. Croix Legend 8wt., an old Sage Discovery 6wt. that I've had over 15 years (I recently added a fighting butt to it) and have caught piles of fish on it, most recently a gazillion-fish day of Pinkies on the Skagit about two weeks ago. I've also got a Scott SAS spey, 13' 8" for 8 wt., a Kennedy-Fisher 3/4 wt. and just picked up another Scott SAS 4wt. Not a single one is what you'd call 'top shelf.' Guess what? They all catch fish very nicely. Haw, Haw.

The rod matters little, as long as it's of DECENT caliber. The difference between a $300 rod and a $600 rod is $300 that would be better spent on lines, a good quality reel (now THAT really does matter) and perhaps a fine bottle of single malt scotch.

Let the guys with too much money polish their spendy rods while keeping the manufacturers' profit margins healthy. Goodness knows I don't want to ever see a rod maker go out of business. However, I'll just smile that much wider every time I land a Hawg on my unglamourous old St. Croix.

Cheers! :7

Matt Burke

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Hey Jim,

I learned how to Spey cast with your rod and line. I have a deep reverence for it and will gladly keep the trade as it stands and buy back my precious. I rarely give up anything, especially when it works. I still have my Hotwheels from 1967.


"Everyday that you wake up and decide not to go fishing...is one less day you'll go fishing." Forrest Maxwell