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Because I wish I was in this swap and really because I wish I could tie this well, I have to point out that my boy Monkey Salad has only been tying for about a year...and his nickname is protege. Are you planning on posting photos of all the patterns? Marty, those ties are nasty.

Yes I will post photos of all the flies. My boy?

Nick Riggs

I've been known to fish from time to time...
Ok, so someone dropped out? P.s. - Marty what kind of hook is the light wire silver one? It's a beaut!


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The silver hook is a A.J. 3/0

I have given us all a few more days to complete our flies, how we comming.

I got a bag full of orange herons - way nice and I know just where they are going to work:thumb:


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Glad to see you got my Orange Herons. As I mentioned in the note included with them, they are on #3 AJ Spey Hooks, which are my favorite size for them.


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The flies from Canada have made it to Heber Utah and boy are they looking good. I might just have to work on some. Great job B.T.:thumb:
Mine have been done since last week but I've been traveling with work so I haven't got them out yet. I will get them in the mail tomorrow or the next day.

I tied a Nemesis:

Tag - Thin Flat Gold Tinsel with Orange Floss
Tail - Peacock Swords
Body - Purple SLF
Rib - Medium Flat Silver Tinsel
Hackle - Orange Shlappen
Collar - Yellow Schlappen
Wings - Purple Goose Shoulder