Spey Tying Roundtable

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    Thanks to everyone who attended and made the first Spey Tying Roundtable a success. The evening was spent in free form tying and question/answer time. Many beautiful patterns emered from gifted fly craftsmen.

    The next evening roundtable will be Wednesday February 19th and every 3rd Wednesday of the month after. In the future we will be asking gifted Nortwest legends to drop by and share their patterns from time to time. The February meeting will be free form, q&a, and a little bit of focus on the Akroyd. Recipe and history information for the Akroyd is at www.flyanglersonline.com/features/oldflies/part144.html

    The roundatables are held at
    River Run Anglers
    3946 Tolt Ave
    Carnation WA 98014
    (425) 333-4446

    and run from 6:30-9:00pm