Spey Tying Roundtable

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    The April Spey Tying Roundtable will be on Wednesday April 16 from 6:30-9pm at River Run Anglers in Carnation WA, (425) 333-4446. This month we will be working on the Gold-Purple Fly (Gold Purdy) from Autumns on the Spey.

    Here is the recipe
    Hook - Alec Jackson Spey, Black
    Thread - Pearsall's Gossamer #9, Black
    Tag - Alec Jackson Premium Silk Floss #31, Glasso Orange
    Spey Hackle - Steelhead Anglers Spey Hackle, Summer Duck
    Rib - Lagartun Flat Gold Tinsel and Lagartun Oval Gold Tinsel
    Body - Steelhead Anglers Silk-Berlin Wool, Purple
    Throat - Natural Gadwall
    Wing - Bronze Mallard