Spokane Falls TU Meeting; Restoring the Redbands

Hey folks,
The Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited Chapter is announcing a membership meeting on Tuesday, March 11, 6:00pm on the main floor of the Community Building, downtown Spokane. The address is 35 W. Main Ave. We are kicking off the “Restoring the Redbands” project with a focus on the Spokane River. Our hope is to help our trout and to build momentum for the Spokane Falls TU chapter.
This project is designed to protect and restore the wild redband trout that have been found by WDFW biologists (and lots of us anglers) to be hanging on in the upper and lower Spokane River. The project will focus on conservation projects, aiding law enforcement in enforcing selective fisheries regulations, working on issues of water quality and low summer flows that threaten this fishery.
At the meeting there will be a fisheries biologist who is an expert on redbands in eastern Washington and a game warden who has been working on enforcement along the Spokane River. Please come on out and learn about the Spokane River, its wild redband trout populations and what T.U. and the anglers and citizens of Spokane can do to support this unique fishery. You don’t need to be a TU member, just come on in and learn about our river and its trout. For more information or to RSVP contact Sam Mace at [email protected] or call 509-863-5696. See you there.

Jerry White