Spokane River

There is nothing like fishing in a snow storm..... Went out and hit the river today and picked up two Browns, one 14",one 12". I fished some of the faster waters with no success. The pools and deeper slow runs is where I met my good fortune.
Good Waters

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
First time I fished the Spokane a few years back, in late August / early Sept, I picked up two browns 18 - 20". Hit one on the far side of the river and it was "interesting" getting that fish back on my side. It was a pleasant surprise! Also picked up some nice rainbows.
I fish the Spokane in the summer but haven't hit it in the winter. Are you fishing below Riverside SP? Nymphs & streamers? The water looked pretty high and nasty last week. Is it as slippery in the winter as in the summer?
I fished below Sp. It was a little nasty, but not too bad. That was the first time I fished the river at all. Ive heard there are some nice trout in there. I figured it would get alot of pressure being in town but I have yet to see anyone else fish it. I guess we will see what happens when the weather improves and more of the river opens. Back to work for me.
Good Waters :SAD