Sporting Shot article on wool socks


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Sporting Shot E-mag ( Sporting Shot Issue 16 e-magazine ) has a nice article by MartyG about merino wool socks. Besides hunting use I'm sure we all know the importance of warm socks inside waders in cold water.

If Marty sees this I'd like to ask about the use of liner socks. Waders do "breathe" but my feet are usually a bit damp after hours in the water. I know it's perspiration not a leak, but it does add to the chilling effect of waders. If I can keep my feet dry and warm, I'm a much happier camper...

Waders may breathe, but neoprene booties do not. I always have polypro or silk sock liners under my wool socks to keep my feet happy and dry. Several years of experience prove this out, at least for me.


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Liners make a huge difference by pulling the moisture away from your feet where it can be absorbed and held by the wool. Purpose-designed synthetics such as Coolmax do a better job of wicking than standard polypro due to the increased surface area.