"Spread Eagle"


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Hit the release site yesterday at 2:45...the place was empty didn't see another hunter, however, did hear a few pops though. I had a great walk, I strolled from field to field working the edges...never once seeing another soul, not having to play 'dodge-your-fellow-hunter', just walking and searching for birdy cover.

30 minutes into my walk I spotted a nice field on the other side of a creek, worked parallel to the creek looking for a decent place free of berry bushes to drop down into the gully, and over the creek. Found a decent place to descend, as well as, a place to cross...all the while Libby is thrashing around in the creek running up and down being the 11 month old puppy she is...that is at least what I thought was happening. Needless to say Libby was on a scent trail working up and down the creek bed while I was attempting my creek crossing, just as my boot makes contact with the other side she flushes a gorgeous rooster 5' to my right which causes me to stop and lose my momentum! With my legs 4' apart, 'spread eagle', the damn bird almost flew between my legs, and I managed to at least place two large holes in the sky!

I spent the last 30 minutes hiking back to the car with very wet feet and thinking of my uncles advice about aiming "tail, feet, beek, shoot"....
Hahahaha! Always trust your bird dog!!

I don't know how many times I've had similar comical situations. I always think in retrospect "Why didn't I see that coming??" They always flush when you are at your most vulenerable!


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Good story, Andrew. Like CWUgirl sez, trust your bird dog! By the way, I was at a release site last year about this time (the same one you're talking about, probably) and my setter went on point along the creek. A rooster flushed maybe 20 feet from me and I swung on him and fired my right barrel - and missed. He was just getting into the air, too, so I had him dead to rights. I was so amazed that missed him I hesitated for a second or two, then put the bead right on him and fired the left barrel and - missed again. My dog looked at me like I was an idiot. I'm used to snap shots at valley quail and departing chukar, so I never have time to actually think about the shot, but that huge bird right in front of me threw me for a loop. It was pretty embarrasing.