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I am in your corner all the way. I have been reading many post on this board,as well as the comments on the photos in the gallery. I've noticed that every post or photo seems to be highly scrutinized. Someone is always trying find some flaw. Tact should always be of the utmost priority when replying to a post. After all, most individuals start a thread in hopes gaining or sharing information. Enough said. Although, I really will think a little longer, cross my t's, and dot my i's before I hit the "submit" button.

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Bob, I think you were way off base. I'm not sure on "traditions" here, but jumping the gun before any questions were asked would be defamatory. I agree with the others, it didn't seem that he was out TARGETING the species. From weight of rod he was using and the flies he was using, I was thinking SRC's all the way. Not coho's from the beach. I do believe some go WAY overboard playing "police", especially when morals are involved. So, are you calling me a poacher because I've fished rivers for springers that were closed to steelhead, and I actually had a steelhead attack a baitwrapped K16 kwikfish? Hmmmmm, wasn't steelhead gear in the least. Did I catch alot of steelhead? No, only one that day, but did get my limit of springers that day. All I saw was a mention that he had caught a couple cohos with a popper. I think there needs to be more "asking questions" before the blatant name calling as in the post above. Now, if you would've asked "What were you targeting?" and then he said "Coho of course" then go get him. But you played judge and jury before you had any info. :confused:
I'm not at all accusing, but I gotta admit, I read his post as he was talking about fishing for silvers. Heck, that's the title he gave this thread. Talking about how much fun they are, and how the action was slowed by the wind and not mentioning SRC's at all. I'm not at all accusing him of targeting them, but that's how I read it, nonetheless. So I don't think Bob was WAY off base, but clarifying first would not have hurt in this medium of simple words and phrases meant to convey thought, inflections and feelings. Let's slow this thread down, and nobody get too upset or headstrong over this. We've all caught fish we didn't mean to, and I don't think he caught the silvers maliciously, knowing it was closed, so let's all let it lie, and all rest assured that we're all predominantly law abiding, honest, moral fishermen, all here inclusive. I only caution against all of us getting upset and countering each other's post because I'm a member of a timber cutting/chainsaw forum, and that's half of all the posts-people getting feathers ruffled and feelings hurt over misunderstandings, opinions and overstatements. I hate to see it happen here too. This site, and it's members are way too high class. :thumb:

Are we all cool here? :beer2:

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Chris -
Mistakes happen -not to worry but to move the thread on the answer to you question about why area 10 closed early?

When you looked at the regs you may have notice that area 10 re-opened in mid-December while area 9 re-opening was delayed until Feb. 1. In area 10 you gained some weeks earlier in the winter but lost them late in the season. All those season are limited due to concerns about fishing impacts on various wild ESA listed chinook stocks. The details of the season structure within the constraints of ESA impacts are developed in the North of Falcon salmon season setting process - just now starting. If you or others are interested in how your seasons are set or wish different ones I encourage to visit WDFW's web site and get involved in the NOF process.

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Chris, Howdy. Say, I still owe you a trip up the local zipperlip for cutthroat. Got my canoe trailer fixed, rigging up a swivel driftboat seat to clamp on the front seat. The streams here closed on the 28th of Feb. Lets go! ( :clown: just kidding). No, really, I still feel bad about canceling on you last summer when I tweaked my back and I owe you a trip (once the streams open up here 6/1 :p ). Shoot me a pm if you are headed out this way after June 1st and we'll arrange a trip. Try to avoid the 4th of July weekend, as it is usually the most crowded and so is not the best time, unless it is drizzling.

I sympathize with you...you go fishing for searun cutts, catch and release a couple of coho, give a report innocently worded as a rez coho report because that is what you caught, and then us hyenas gather 'round the kill and start howling. :rofl:

You guys really need to get off his back.... he did nothing ethically wrong... the only thing he could have done was state that he was targeting cutthroat..and make it clear he wasnt targeting salmon (even though fishing techniques are identical). He didnt make it clear what he was targeting so you cannot just assume he was targeting salmon... because he caught salmon. Im almost positive the guy saw that the waters were open and went fishing just to see what he could catch. If you show up on the salt, you have a chance of catching a wide variety of fish which may or may not be legal to keep, if he had said that he caught a yelloweye rockfish (also not legal to keep and highly unlikely to be caught there) and released it, you people would not have jumped on his back...you would be commenting on how weird it was that he caught it. Regardless if he caught and released these fish...he was not targeting them..and did not keep them.. if the regulations were meant to completely close the waters to fishing than they would state just that..and people would not be permitted to dip any line in the water.