Spring Orvis Days, Apr. 30 – May 11

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    The big day for our Spring Orvis Days will be Saturday, May 9 when we'll also have lots of food and if we're lucky, a tequila tasting.

    If you haven't been to one of our parties, you are really misssing out.

    Orvis Bellevue

    Saturday, May 2

    Birds of Puget Sound
    Bob Morse co-author of “Birds of the Puget Sound Region” and Christina will be here to show you all you need to know to attract our local birds to your yard.

    Saturday, May 9

    Antique Fly Fishing Show and Appraisal w/ Larry Peterson and Dwight Lyons
    Special showing of unique antique fly fishing tackle. Larry and Dwight will also be here to answer your questions as well as appraise your old gear.

    Fly Fishing Hidden Montana w/ Tim Linehan
    When most people think about fly fishing in Montana, they picture the dry landscapes and wide open vistas of the southern part of the state. Tim Linehan knows about another Montana, a place of lush forests, rushing rivers and wild trout; a Montana that few people really know about, and even fewer visit. No crowds are the rule here, and some days you might not see another person.

    Spey Casting to Kings w/ Andrew Bennett
    Come take a journey to the lower Kanektok River where Andrew will show you big bright kings that eat swung flies on a spey rod!

    Beginning Fly Casting and Computer Analysis
    FFF Certified Casting Instructors, Craig Koeppler, John Olson and Pat Peterman will be here to introduce you to fly casting. In addition, Pat Peterman will use the Scientific Angler computer to analyze your cast.

    Sunday, May 10

    Fly Casting Analysis w/ Don Simonson
    Are you getting the most out of your casts? Is your double haul getting you the distance you want? FFF Casting Board Governor, Don Simonson will be here to analyze your casting mechanics, point out your mistakes and tell you what you can do to fix them. For intermediate and advanced fly casters only