Spring Steelhead on the Pere Marquette MI

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    I’m headed to the Pere Marquette in April for some Steelhead fishing. In preparation for this trip I’m reading so much out there about all the different types of fly line used for Steelhead fishing. Example: Shooting, Running, Sinking, floating…and so on.
    Could anyone tell me a good Line-rig to use when steelheading…
    My current setup exists of a #8 weight Rod with a Tioga #8 Large Arbor reel. The reel is brand new and I haven’t bought any line for the trip yet because I am still doing research on line type. I did get a spare reel with it which I might want to rig as well.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    I used to know it all---but now that I'm older I seem to forget it all.

    I use the same set up on the Puget Sound rivers. The line that I use is the Rio Versitip. It has four tips all 15' long. Three sink tips and one floating. That way you only need one reel. It's the intermediate,type 3 and type 6 sink tips.

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    Hey quest i am supposed to be out there as well, either late march or early april. from a fishing trip to the root river in wisconsin, nymphs, eggs and green/red butted skunks work really well. white flies like the alaska mary ann worked good to. i have been reading a lot recently on the internet about the rivers in michigan and they confirmed what i just wrote and also one of the buddies i am going with grew up fly fishing different michigan rivers and says the same. I am also bringing a 7 and an 8 weight, both should work well.
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    In most of the Great lakes rivers, I have used a combo bead head nymph combined with a sucker spawn. I use a splitshots on 8lb F-Carbon(dependent upon flow, try and match the drift:thumb tied above a loop knot with approximately 18 inches of tippet F-Carbon. If the water is Gin clear you might want to switch to very small presentations Size 16 or 18 and 6lb tippet. Try all colors, and drift the fly from fast water into deeper pools. Some of the biggest Great lakes steel hang right in the head water of pools or on pillows in the tail water.
    There have been some very large Brown Trout also caught on this combo.
    Most likely following the Chrome up to eat the spawn. I was just up in Erie, PA on the Elk and landed 8 big 10 lb + steelies. :thumb: