Squalicum Lake Report, yes another one

I'll make this short and sweet.

Got out to the lake at approximately 9:00 a.m. and fished until 1:00 p.m. with only one fish in the net (The brown pictured) due to the large algae bloom all around the lake. At 1:00 I switched over to the north end of the lake and noticed the algae had cleared out so I threw on a #16 BWO and began catching small rainbows and cutts. I quickly grew tired of that and tied on a #16 black gnat parachute and headed to the most northern part of the lake near the reeds where I caught the trips in my previous report. Didn't catch any trips today but did catch a nice rainbow and a beautiful tiger. Fished until 5:00 and called it a day.

Cliffs: Slow until 1:00 p.m. until the algae had dissipated. Picked up at 1:00. Flies of the day #16 BWO, #16 black gnat parachute, and some type of olive elk hair fly.

Surprised no one played hooky today. It was beautiful. Mike (joe dirt) we definitley need to head to Pass one of these days!


dead in the water
Yeah, I was just thinking that today would have been a great day to try the new float tube. Probably should have gone.
Man i miss that lake, i used to fish that lake twice a week this time of year when i was going to school up there. How long have they been planting those tiger trout in there? iv'e heard they were planing on planting them in there and apparently they did, sounds like they are working out pretty well, good to hear. nice report