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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by salt dog, May 29, 2005.

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    I lay in bed in a fog this morning trying to remember why the heck I had set the alarm for pre-dawn Sunday. How many glasses of chardonnay did I actually have last night?

    I mulled over this question in my mind, as well as whether or not I really wanted to go fishing this morning. The tree limbs in the window were being whipped around by the wind, and the grey dawn was in fact the face of a cool, cloudy day. What happened to the blue-bird skies with 90 F temps? Not only was it way too windy to fly fish, but it was totally the wrong tide to hit the beach for Sea Runs.

    But I had this gorgeous new T&T 6 wt rod on loan to me to try out, and I had struggled in a wine haze last night to complete a Miyawaki popper. Ok, ok, I'm up, that's two good reasons more than I need. By the time I downed a cup of tea I figured out I might get away from the SW wind by using the 7 wt floating line and casting the leigh side of the point.

    In the first 1/2 hour I had a couple of small boils in the choppy waves of the shallows several rod lengths from my tip, but no tugs. The boils were encouraging, though the voice inside my head worried whether or not I should switch to a sink tip and the small chartreuse sand lance that had worked last week. I chuckled at my impressive distance I could cast in the stiff breeze over my off shoulder. The wind had grounded the shore birds. Even the ever present Heron had stayed in bed this morning.

    As I settled into using the wind to lift my casts, I threw a particularly nice line out to a slick about 90 ft from me: the line fully extended straight and the leader rolled over perfectly. The moment I started stripping I saw, over the top of a distant wave, a very large boil near were the popper should be; I trembled as a second miss boiled again and fumbled the line on my two handed strip. I regained the line and kept stripping until a hard jerk came up the line; I set hard into the resisting line until a large fish arrowed high out of the water above the wave tops. DAMM, nice fish!

    The fish was the first of two hard fighting Sea Run Cutthroat of 18" and 17.5" brought to hand over the next quarter hour. Both characteristically fought long and tough, with several nice runs and repeated jumps. Both were slender but well fed and firm, and were cleanly released from the barbless hook without being hoisted from the water. I knew it was a very good idea to get up early this morning.
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    great report SD...........amazing how a nice tussle with some tough fish clears away the post-partying cobwebs eh?

    sounds like some great action despite the wind challenges.......I have GOT to try those poppers!

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