SRC's near Shelton?

I'll be in Shelton early this week and wanted to take the fly rod along and check out spots for SRC's. I was down there last week and only had about an hour and a half to spare but managed to stop at Walker Park on Hammersly Inlet as well as the public launch site at Arcadia Point. I had previously fished Arcadia from a boat with some success but no luck from the beach this time. Walker Park looked promising with a nice little creek dumping in right there but no action on a fairly strong outgoing tide. Anyone have prior success in these locations or suggestions for other spots with public access?
Follow HWY 3 out of town towards Bremerton/Belfair, at about mile 18 I rhink is a small town called allen w a public pier and almost two miles of access on the shore. Whats cool about this area is the fact that Shepards Creek dumps in on the south and the hatchery creek on the north end of the bay, If either are dropping smolt in from the Humpy and Chum runs, you might find a fish or two