St. Croix Avid 9' 6wt

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I have a St. Croix Avid 2 piece 9' 6wt rod for sale. It has an unconditional lifetime warranty. I've had it for a little over a year but it's in good shape. Cork grip is a little dirty and bottom of butt has some tiny scratches from touching the rocks. Blank and single-foot guides are perfect. Comes with original tube. Medium-fast action, progessive taper.

$110 or best offer.
I'd be interested, except for the matter of the warranty. I have a St. Croix catalog and it states that the lifetime warranties apply only to the original purchaser. Am I missing something?
Hmm... not sure. I didn't receive any sort of warranty card when I purchased it at Cabela's. I've never had to take advantage of the warranty, so I don't know. In my ad here, I quoted the web site where it says "unconditional lifetime warranty" but doesn't say anything about original owner.

Does anyone else have any experience with St. Croix's warranty claims? Do they ask for original receipts?

I honestly don't know enough about it to tell you whether you'll be able to make a warranty claim.
It really is not an issue here, St. Croix does not issue ID numbers to their rods or blanks so there is no way to track "Original Owners" anyway. I've been using, building and selling their rods for quite some time now and have yet to have a problem with anything sent in for warranty service. The St. Croix Rods are about as rock solid as you can get, they may as well be called unconditional warranties, becuase they will repair or replace just about any rod you send in as lond as it's one of theirs. :THUMBSUP
I had my little brother snap the tip off my rod once, and they never asked for anything. I just sent it to them and they sent me back a brand new top section. No questions asked.

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