st croix spey rods

Anyone have an opinion on st croix imperial spey rods? I have a credit with them and am consider a spey or a 9.5 ft 8wt for steelheading.

Don't really have funds for a more expensive outfit so probably decidingbetween the two

thanks, Travis

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Welcome to that site. But as for spey rods I would think twice about getting one of their rods. I have a 14'er 9/10 and it is about as heavy as a log. If I was you I would go the River Run Anglers in Carnation and try out what they have to offer. They are a sponsor of this site so click on them and check out the hours of operation. A little different from regular shops. Also they have a free spey casting class on the river where the Tolt meets the Snoqualmie every saturday from 0900 to 1100. All you need to bring is yourself and your waders. They supply everything else.

I have the 13' 7-8 and think that it is a fine rod. Not a fast action rod and takes a bit of time to get the feel for it. It is not a great sink tip rod lacking in sensitivity of some of the other rods but for a first spey rod I would recomend it. Love this rod and landed some nice fish with it! The wind cutter 6-7-8 works well for me on this "log". :)
Hey Jim...I thought you liked your new rod? I think we have identical rods.

I have an 9-10-11 Imperial that is 14 ft. I just love it. Oh, I'm sure there are better rods but I don't know if there is anything better for the money. I got a Tioga 10/11/12 for $150 (ebay) The rod was also $150 (ebay) and a Rio Windcutter line to match. It's hard to get all turned out for about $360.
I don't even know how to spey cast but I can pitch my fly farther than I have ever been able to do in the past.

Money is of concern and so I can't get a Sage or something like it at this point. If my ship comes in, then I probably will move up. But the outfit seems fine to me. I just need to catch something on it.

Bob, the Waiting For His Ship To Come In.:smokin
Have no idea about their spey's but I have been fishing their Avid series for years, 9'6" 8wt, and really like them. Good value, good rod, and you cannot beat their service or warranty. I have had the tip section replaced 3 times on one of them, for free. Try that with Sage.

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Well Bob I got mine just a little cheaper. Rod I traded for line thrown in and $75.00 plus tax for a reel. Okuma Integra 10/11. So I got into it for the price of a reel. No,Bob you will change your mind if you try out some different rods. Also a few lessons would help as spey casting is a whole new ballgame.

You got to try out that new line of rods the CnD's or maybe the Heritage's. The CnD's start out at $265.00 and end up at over $600.00. Check out their web site. Also the Heritages run about $260.00. There are also a few new one's out there that are cheaper. Say the one by Cortland a 13'8/9 at $199.00. But this one isn't out yet but I got to try it out at River Run Anglers.


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What kind of answer are you looking for. No I don't like it after casting all of those other rods. You'd be suprised at the weight of what you are casting compared to the lighter ones out there on the market.

I have put the rod down for a while because all my mistakes are coming back to haunt me. I get the lift down pat but the comeback to the "D" loop I tend to over power it.So it looks like I'm doing the over hand cast. So I decided to just fish with the one handed rod for a while. I damn near forgot how to cast a single hander. I kept trying to do it with both hands. But I won out and now my loops a looking good again.

So if you are looking for some thing else wrong I don't know what it is.


Yeah,I caugh a fish with the St Croix but it hardly put a bend in the rod.


Don't let people scare you away from the St. Croix. They are a fine entry level rod.

I always chuckle when people who really don't know how to cast or have only been doing it a few months offer "expert" advice on rods/lines/casts, etc.

The 14' 9 weight St. Croix is a great little rod. Is it the equal to top of the line rods by Sage, Scott, T&T or CND? No way, but it is a fine rod to learn on or as a back-up. Action wise, it is closer to the old Sage 1409-3 than the more popular 1409-4. I would argue that is a good thing.

I had not cast this rod for a few years and then this fall in B.C. I ended up breaking my two go to big rods in a run-in with a rapid. I ended up fishing a buddy's 1409 St. Croix for 5 days on the Bulkley and Kispiox. Matched with an 8/9 Midspey it handled size 4 speys all the way up to 6" long articulated tubes without problem.

This is not to talk you out of going over to Aaron's shop and casting a number of rods. That is the best way to choose. If you do decide to get a St. Croix though, don't worry, it will treat you well.

>I always chuckle when people who really don't know how
>to cast or have only been doing it a few months offer
>"expert" advice on rods/lines/casts, etc.