stalking a brown

woolybugger, yea he was stocked that big, this year the biggest one i seen stocked was 31inches. i fish stony creek usually every day during the start of the season. it gets alot of pressure. So many spin fisherman just ther eto pull out 5 fish every day. Anyway, the odd thing is when the season is pretty much over for this stream, usually in early june. Because of the temps and the shallow water. But anyway, about in june when all the small fish are gone and usually the bigger fish are left. They all behave oddly. All in shallow sunny spots. When i was fishing in early june there were 2 brookies, 3 bows and a brown all in the 20in range basically behaving like his one, except the heavy breathing. But they wouldnt take anything. it just seems when theyre the last ones in the stream and the water is shallow and its hot out they do the opposite they should be doing.

And i forgot to take the temp of the water, but im sure it was high 60's if not middle to high 70's.

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31 inches, that's unbelievable! You gotta wonder how much it costs a hatchery to raise a fish like that just to put it in a river so some idiot can kill it and eat its nasty meat. Well, I suppose that one would've been a brood stock fish. Still, where I'm from, they only stock a few lakes, and when you catch a brood stock fish, it's fat, not long.
31 inches!!! Holy crap that is HUGE!!! Did it have a cow tag in its ear?

Dave Hartman

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Hmmm. . .:confused: the pics didn't open in my browser.
I'd love to see them, only because I've caught many trout (by the pound) that were bigger than those, but not that long. Of course, I caught them in Montana's more famous lakes; not sure I've ever fished a hatchery before.
Tournaments? wow. what'll you east coasters think of next?

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Still, none of those seem to be 31+ inches, or 15 pounds.
I guess it's hard to tell for me when the fish is hanging vertically!

Good on ya' for stalking them with a flyrod!


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they put some beasts in there...all "put and take" into an eventual hot tub of a stream with no chance of survival? Now I see what you meant by "strong mofo".
haha yea riseform. Really sucks its not a limestone stream deep into the woods or catch and release only with those fish in there. And wooly bugger, well those fish dont match up with the stats. Those are random tournement pics, but the stats are just some of the big ones pulled out. Its so sad during seeing all these fish with 5 spinners in their tails too


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WOW totally amazing as I was going to say I have seen fish that big in Stoney Creek & Clark Creek in Dalphin county.... 30 years ago. I remember whole pools of fish just sitting there and impossible to catch.
I grew up in Cumberland County near Silver Springs Run and the Conodoguinet Creek. I never saw a fish sit out like that in any of those Limestoners. If he was in a hatchery to that size he probably has lost some natural instinct.... probably thinks your coming to feed him pellets.
That's a hatchery breeder and his brains are boiled dude. Crawdad or Chub pattern tied clouser style might tick him off enough to take a bite. Or you can stand downstream with a net and have a cooked fish float into your net.