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I tied these this morning. I'm beginning to get better I think. I'm learning to not crowd the eye and how to tie in deferent layers. I think the hardest part for me is know which materials to buy. Also the hackle I wrap my buggers in is always too long. When I trim them it doesn't look good and leaves blunt tips. Anyways any tips would be appreciated. The chronies are glow in the dark and so is that streamer on the bottom. Just messing around. I think a glow in the dark intruder would be deadly on the swing early or late in the day! uploadfromtaptalk1356808627360.jpg

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Those look nice. I tied quite a few trimmed buggers like that black one before getting some nice feathers.

Investing in some good hackle is a good way to go. The Whiting bugger packs are actually pretty cheap. For top quality dry hackle my local shop will cut the piece in half, so you might want to ask about that at your favorite shop. They also let me sort through individual bags of feathers to make sure it contains the sizes I want.

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You're off to an awesome start Thomas.

As far as materials, I'm afraid you've already discovered the ugly underbelly of flytying and that is that you never have enough and / or you never have all the material for that fly you wish to tie. Hence why us flytiers always say it is cheaper to just buy flies.

The way I tackled the lack of material problem when I first started tying was that I would buy material that I needed for the next fly I wanted to tie. Understandably you probably want to tie every fly for every situation but as your skill grows, so will your stash of material. Then the next problem you will start having is that you will think you don't have something for a fly, order it in, and then find out several days or weeks later that you have some of that already.

As for a variety of hackle size, buy a neck. Better yet, buy one of those packs that have two half necks in different colors. Saddles don't have the variety of sizes that necks do. While the saddle feathers are longer and you'll be able to tie more than one fly from a single feather, they normally only span about 3 hook sizes while necks will cover pretty much the whole gamut.

Thomas Williams

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I think you are exactly right. I'm just going to take it pattern by pattern and get the materials for each as I go. Eventually I should come full circle and acquire almost everything I need if there is such an end state? Probably not. I do think its a great tactic and I shall employ it. Thanks for the help guys I do truly appreciate it.

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