Steamboat Island Chum

Ive heard that fishing the bridge during the chum run is mainly a close quarter ordeal involving snaggers, competition with indian nets, and plenty of seals. Can anyone confirm or dispute that unpleasant sounding way to fish?


Be the guide...
If you know the tides, and have beach rights\access, you can fish from the bank. Just keep an eye on the tide and make sure you have a way back\out. It is dry land to the island, then the water spills over and it's like small river that grows as the tide rises. You can fish it and just work your way back up the shore until you run out of room...
:( I could only imagine the grumble a fly rig would raise among the spoonthrowers and snaggers! On the other hand, it is close to home....the 'lay awake at night and think of fishing' plan would be to get a kayak in the water (my means of waterway transportation) and try to keep in an eddy around that stream that forms under the bridge, out of reach of the shore crew. The biggest snafu is that private beach access, and borrowing 20 feet of it for 2 minutes to get into the water.