Steelhead and gas prices.


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I just have to express my frustration towards gas prices. It's one thing to effect my pocket book, but when my fall steehead plans are put in jeopordy...... :mad: All my rivers on the east side are at least a two hour drive; at $3.50 a gallon, well you get it. It doesn't look like the prices are going to drop anytime soon. If anyone has any plans to hit the Clearwater, GR, etc.. drop me a PM or post. I'd love to share a ride- ride comes free with board, I have a new POP -UP that sleeps 5 comfortable.

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Gas is still on the Cheap side in my area. $3.05 to $3.20 bucks a gallon. That has to be cheap compared to $3.50 a gallon.

But even then it takes a bite out of my retirement.Ouch

While I understand the gas issue, I also know the the price of a tank of gas is still a hole lot cheaper than a therapist:D Took the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of Sept off..could do a trip:thumb:


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Do therapists see therapists? You may be on to something there. Those dates look good. I'm fishing this weekend, perhaps we can talk:rofl:

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Geez, good point Kerry. That sort of puts it in perspective.

Time to buy a cheap, high mileage car. If one isn't towing a boat or doing any serious off-roading, there is no need for a gas guzzling pickup or SUV. Heck, I've taken my little 28 mpg 4 door sedan up to Chopaka.
KerryS said:
Gas expensive? It is still cheaper then bottled water.:ray1: What you say? Cheaper then water?:eek:
Huh? Just drinking water is $1 a gallon, fancy water is about $2 a gallon. Perrier is about $3 a gallon. I don't drink that much perrier. :)
Sloan Craven said:
Huh? Just drinking water is $1 a gallon, fancy water is about $2 a gallon. Perrier is about $3 a gallon. I don't drink that much perrier. :)
lol those little arrowhead bottles aren't a gallon...
CurtisT said:
lol those little arrowhead bottles aren't a gallon...
Go to the grocery store and by bulk.. DOn't buy it at a convenience store.

Either way, gas is still cheaper than beer:beer1: .
Down with gas prices!


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If you think it's bad now, just wait a couple of weeks. I read an article in the Times today about a refinery shutting down for repairs that provides a lot of Washington's gas. Some analysts are predicting up to $4 a gallon! :eek:


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You would think with all this talk about limited capacity of fuel, less and less supply, one sentator, house representative, someone would finally suggest switching to ethanol. I mean if Brazil could do it, why can't we.:confused:


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What are you driving? Maybe you could get a vehicle with better gas mileage. I have a Subaru Forester that get 33 MPG on the highway and gas prices have had little impact on me. The amount of resources each of us use is very much under our control.

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this latest issue with Prudoe Bay's pipeline repairs makes me think it might be a good idea to keep my 5-door 93 Escort. I got it for $200 at a local towing auction and got it running for another $100 (brakes,clutch, battery) gets about 25 mpg in town and 35+ on the highway as long as I keep it below 70mph (60-65 delivers the best ~35 mpg), that's even better than my VW Bug. :thumb:
I drive a '97 Mercury Tracer (License Plate "FLYTYER" :thumb:) It gets 33-35 mpg in the city. A great fishing rig. I've been lots of places I should not have been with it. It has never let me down. I also have a Ranger PU that sits in the driveway most of the time these days.

I'm all for using less resources and saving the environment. But getting raked over the coals is getting raked over the coals, no matter what kind of car you drive.