Swap Steelhead fly swap 2007!

I messed up on a few, trying to make corrections with views exposure and such let me know any remakes.

Keeps me in good practice. Like I told Bob been working on a 500 pic, 50 year family history slide show. It was some fresh air to do these. In fact I'll throw these on a slide show tomorrow to see what you guys think.


Clint F

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I got the flies today and must say they are ALL great. Thanks for puting this swap together Bob. It was my first one and I will have to do some others and possibly put one together myself soon. :beer2:

This is the first chance I really had to reply about the swap and all I have to says is WOW!!!:eek: What a great swap. I am again very humbled with my tie. Every fly looks awseome and very fishy. I can't wait to start copying them.

I am fairly new (1yr) to tying so I love these swaps because I learn something new every time by studying everyone's flies.

I have a couple of questions:
1. Steve S: What feather did you use for you wing?
2. Bruce: Same question, what feather did you use for your wing?

Again this was a great swap and thanks Bob for putting it together! :beer2:



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I used dyed goose shoulder which is available just about everywhere and is very inexpensive to boot. It is easy to work with, doesn't tend to split when tying in, comes in just about any color you could choose to use, and holds together well when being fished.


steve s

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I also used dyed goose shoulder for my wings. Like Bruce said, it's cheap and easy to use. If you are having trouble with the fibers splitting when tying in the wings, try tying it in still attached to the stem.

I just got my flies today , and I must say I`m very impressed:beer2:. The quality of all the flies is outstanding . I`m going to have to get back to the bench to tie some copies .

Thanks to all who participated , espescially the Meister . This was my first swap here , I`m looking forward to many more .