Steelhead:Nymphing or Swinging

Ed Call

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Nope, I'm willing to swing a fly, preferably one I tied. If the run is more suited for a nymph rig, I'll try to pass a nymph through, again, preferably one that I tied. I have caught my share of fish with bait, corkies, yard, spin and glos and such. Now I fly fish. And I don't give a rat's ass if it is a swung spey fly, a bunny, esl, dry or nymph and if it was swung deep, skated or twitched. I guess I'm of weak moral character, but no, my egg drifting days under a float have passed.

Edit: And a bead, well, it is not my preferred artificial method of enticing fish, but if all else fails I think that there is some potential for a bead. Hopefully it will be in combination with something more attractive, but we all know I don't know shit anyway. Fish however you wish, even if you are the one floating the big gob of stinky eggs and good luck to you.
Mumbles, all I am saying is, we each draw our own moral boundaries. And simply saying someone has a narrow view because they choose not to nymph is a pretty unfair point in my opinion.
Mumbles, I think that was the best serious answer yet...oh, and you avatar makes me hungry...

Guinness, it's what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

personally, I'll do long as it's a fly tied by me...that's where I get more satisfaction...

Ed Call

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Ryan, you are of course entitled to your opinion, as you well know. I will stand tall to my opinion that if all you will do is swing then you are self limiting. If you will only nymph, self limiting. I guess all those purists that are self limiting are so damn good at the method they fish that they can be comfortable with their single methodology. I am not self limiting in that manner. I do not have the talent or luxury of limitless time to fish. I prefer to fish to the situation and water and challenge myself in that regard. My two cents only, and that plus a hell of a lot more might buy a latte. Self limiting is to each their own. I still believe it is narrow minded, unfair point or not, it is my right to state my point of view.
Mumbles, I never said it wasn't your right to state your opinion. My only point is to try to show you that you limit your approaches too. Just because someone chooses to swing doesn't mean they aren't trying new tactics (i.e. stack mending a sink tip etc.). I choose to swing, that doesn't mean I haven't nymphed before or don't know what it is about. I have, it is ridiculously easy in my opinion, and to me not that enjoyable. Because I chose to do what is most enjoyable to me does not make me narrow minded. Fish however you want, within the law, but I dont feel that Ed Ward, or Dec Hogan, or any weekend warrior who decides to swing is automatically narrow minded in their approach.

Ed Call

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Put words into my mouth if you choose. Self limiting makes no sense to me. If you are using one standard practice and are varying it then perhaps you are not self limiting. Announcing that nymphing is "ridiculously easy" is you putting your stamp of disapproval on those that choose to nymph because they enjoy it. That is a very narrow minded, similar to what you are accusing me of being. Those that have met me and see how eager I am to try a variety of flies, presentations and techniques would not label me as narrow minded. You may label me as such if you wish. You can't always be right.
Sean and I can say from first hand experience that casting a banjo minnow on a spey rod is NOT ridiculously easy. Therefore, because we have been witness to such a phenomenon happening, we are on a plane high above all others.
I find swinging to be ridiculously easy. Laughably so! I now pursue native steelhead with a lasso. That is the only respectful way to pursue these great fish. You have no idea how hard it is to lasso a steelhead's tail as he tries to vault up a section of shallow rapids. What an adrenaline rush!


"Ride'n Dirty."
Ha Nick! And you call yourself a fisherman? I now fish with my teeth, it is the Only way to show proper respect to this great fish. Catching fish with your teeth is hard, that water is cold.
Nick I can't wait to see you do this!

Mumbles, pm sent.

Sorry if it came across as a pissing match, I just took light offense to being called narrow minded because I choose to stick with swinging.


Ed Call

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Great PM Ryan. I'm not upset with you and if I offend, I apologize. I just see a river as too varied for any one method. How can one not probe the beauty of a deep hold that seems to beg for a nymph to be passed through? High sticked, indicator rigged or otherwise? When I grow up and develop some skill and confidence I may well employ one method over another.