Steelhead Nymphs- from my personal collection, tied by the Zen Piscator

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Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
36 steelhead nymphs from my collection tied by me. Proven fish catchers, proven on all corners of the state and into Idaho and Oregon. Tied on the highest quality hooks, all flies are weighted except the eggs patterns. Reinforced with double whip finishes and either head cement or super glue. This is a cross of my personal flybox, my favorite patterns that I reach for first when chasing steelhead all through the season.

6 Golden Stone/Skwalla Pat's Stonefly size 6

6 Black Pats Stonefly Nymph size 6

12 Prince Nymphs size 8

2 Steelhead worms, Pink size 4

6 eggs (as seen in dozens of Olympic Penninsula steelies (see Ibn's gallery)

4 Cabellero eggs (as seen in dozens of south western washington steelies (Steelie Mike's gallery)


box not included


Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.

However, I have more of the same selection avalible, just PM me and I will get them sent out to you ASAP.



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Geez, Andy! Nice flies. I had to come over here to give them a look-see. No wonder they moved. They sure look buggy and fun. And nice speel, too. Very smart in mentioning where the patterns have proven themselves. I'm certain the buyer(s) felt the nudge. Nothing like truth in advertising. You Da Man.
Come on we are talking steelhead nymphs, Timmy from South Park could tie 3 doz of those in an afternoon. The only issue he would have is that Cartman would be sniffing the head cement.
haha quit hating. Hes getting paid to tie flies, thats not unheard of. Its obvious these flies produce fish, and confidence in the fly your fishing is essential to have success on the river.

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
Some people don't tie flies and some of these patterns are not avalible in shops.

Many shops sell larger flies like these for 3 bucks a pop. The several people that have ordered from me seem to not find these too expensive.

Now either buy some dang flies or GIT outta my SHOP. This is no soup kitchen.
:D :D
I tied flies for thirty years, and intend to tie again, but just right now I flat out don't have the time. Also, Zen is right, you can't find some of these patterns on the open market.

But......... and this is a big but...... I have an even more wicked plan.

Gotta think strategy, folks. So here goes........


1.) Zen ties and sells a few flies to chumps like me. Makes money. Aha! A way to support his fishing jones. So he ties more.

2.) This keeps him off the rivers, and Steelhead populations start to rebound. The fish biologists are scratching their heads, because they can't statistically tie it to anything, but we at WFF know............

3.) Zen's flies are so popular that he can't go fishing atall anymore, but just has to stay on the bench. Tie, tie, tie.

4.) Labor costs being what they are, Zen figures he has to move the operation offshore, so moves to Bali. Cheap labor, exotic fish, and beautiful women. LOTS of beautiful women.

5.) The now dramatic rebound in Steelhead populations continues to confuse the fish biologists. Washington flyfishermen love the inexpensive and very high quality "Zen" flies. Zen is now rich, and lucky for us, safely offshore. We catch way more fish. Zen catches way more girls.

Anybody got a PROBLEM WITH THIS?



man are you hurting for money? your staring to turn out like john metcalfe selling his waders and old ichiro autograph for a rod and reel fund.... but then again he was selling his autograph for $550.00, no wonder why he hasnt sold it yet...

Zen Piscator

Supporting wild steelhead, gravel to gravel.
I'm not hurting for money, but I did just order another fly rod and 2 spools for my nautalis, along with 3 fly lines....ugh its a sickness :D
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