Steelhead on the Green

Hi guys. I am going to head out to the green this weekend and am wondering if anyone has any tips/advice for chasing steelhead. Swing style, sink rates, colors? I am not looking for any secret locations but any tips would be helpful.


I've not spent a ton of time on the green, there is some good water around flaming geyeser park, both above and below. Swing or nymph, really up to you both methods will catch fish, probably better off swinging as you might hit some salmon to.

Good luck.
Not too many places to swing there. Nymph most of the time. Watch where you park due to alot of break ins there due to ALOT of homeless that live there. Be careful!

Peter <><
Is there any Trout in there ? I was thinking about going middle of November. If the Hatchery report is good. By the way does anybody know the number?

Jon Brengan

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well I posted a reply - dont know where it went but anyways - don't waste your time at flaming geyser. Go up to Palmer- kanasket State Park - it up the river farther, but it provided me w/ many steelies this time of year. I fished this exclusively - for almost 10 years. Patterns: Any big black floating bug (has to float, the minute it sinks it no good), beadheads hares ears - below a strike indicator, muddlers on a sinktip.. slow and deep. small green bodied/brown hackled wet flies work well also. There should be some salmon around also... have fun and tight lines

Jay Allyn

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I've seen and caught quite a few stelhead around the Palmer area In December and January. Should be a few summer runs and possibly an early winter run up there now.
I live near that river. Take the time to drive to a river where there are fish. That river has gone from bad to worse. Those fish do not respond to a swung fly. I have learned the hard way that steelhead is a numbers game and putting time into a river with poor fly water and few fish can be depressing. :beathead: