Steelhead Rivers


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Well, actually the Google machine does work for some of Trey Combs' Steelhead Fly Fishing book: combs&pg=PA191#v=onepage&q&f=false
Page 221 - brings back some memories. My first trip to Spences Bridge, checked into the Acacia Grove (cabin 7). That afternoon I rode along with DK looking at different runs with DK telling stories about this fabled river. The next morning - a couple hours before sunrise, we were up, rods strung, waders and boots on and headed across a field, flashlights helping guide us. Imagine wading out into a river before sunrise at the head of the Graveyard Run.

@jake-e-boy, The Thompson is one of my eight, conehead popsicle.

Bob Smith

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San Lorenzo, Carmel, Pescadero Creek, Scott Creek, Tree Slough, American, Mad, Klamath, Trinity, Salmon, Scott, Shasta, Rogue, Applegate, Winchuck.

California and southern Oregon centric...
Hey you fish the same rivers as me. We should hook up some time.

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Would be great to get out and hit the rivers I grew up fishing. Used to live in NB, 10 minutes from Spinreel Park. Spent a ton of hours fishing the ever-changing Tenmile Creek. Now up in Gig Harbor, WA. If I ever make it down to the South Coast, I'll get in touch.

How's the fishing been?
Oh nice, sounds good. I have only fished Tenmile a couple times and didn’t have any luck. Not your typical steelhead river, that’s for sure. The other systems around though had mediocre to poor runs of Coho and Steelhead last year. Tenmile had something like 63 total Coho... pretty bad. The couple years before though the winter steelhead fishing has been pretty good on most south coast rivers.

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