Steelhead/Salmon Fly Boxes

I've been using the Morel $14 boxes that are primarily meant for trout flies and my bigger, bushier flies are getting all matted down. I know C&F makes a big box for this but it's like $40 and it's pretty heavy. Cost doesn't bug me as much as I'm trying to lose vest weight and these seem a bit heavy.

What do you all use for bigger salmon/s-head flies? I've seen the fleece wallets recommended but if it's like my vest patch, it's impossible to fish hooks out of fleece sometimes.

Let me know what you use and or prefer and thx.



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Fleece wallets also have a tendency to flatten hackles. What's wrong with a big old Plano compartmented plastic box? Outdoor Emporium has a large variety of them, they're cheap, and I've used 'em for steelhead flies for years.


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Thats too ironic...I just replaced my Morels with C&F boxes for both my trout flies and my steelhead flies. I have eliminated all my boxes except one for trout and one for steelhead so that is were I lost my weight. The C&F are great boxes!!! Yeah, they are the latest and greatest but thats not why i got them....I got them for functionality and size, plus they float and have an awesome warranty!

The hardest part was narrowing down my fly selection for the one box.

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I recently got one of the Morel boxes since they are soo light weight for my steelhead stuff. Nothing in there but some bunny leeches and spey flies and a couple other little steelhead weapons. For that application I have no complaints on the morel box.

I had one of the heavier boxes called the "fly box" I think. It worked great the first round, but with the little raised rubber prong deals that supposedly hold your hooks well. You have to always use the same exact slot for the same hook size. Once the little prongs spread out a little bit and you open the box be ready to catch your flies before they fall in the river. I am not much remember 2nd row, 3rd slot was a size 4 glo bug hook to ensure that my flies were actually being held.

I am not a fan of foam lined fly boxes, but the Morel seems to be of a density that work well without having to bury hooks past the barbs.

For my trout flies I have a CF box. A bit heavy, but bomb proof and holds about a zillion ties. Dries on one side, wets on the other.

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Bug Luggage and a couple of other companies make some nice big boxes with big plastic clips that hold the flies standing up. My boxes are about 4x6x1.5. I hold every thing from #4-#3/0 in them, spey, and traditional patterns. They aren't much good for marabous, however. For that I use a "nubby tack and flat foam" box that is about 4x8x1.5. I find that the extra length and ability to space flies as I want them allows me to store the bigger fluffier flies in them.

I have seen boxes like them at Avid Angler, Orvis, Swede's, Outdoor Emporium, and other places.

I keep my winter steelhead flies in a pair of Perrine aluminum swing-leaf boxes, approx. 6" x 4". The metal clips hold even a weighted 2/0 firmly. One of the boxes is for my weighted flies, which I tie with a gray band on the heads.
I'm not even sure that Perrine is still in business. Wheatley makes the same style of boxes, but a four times the price. I use one of these for my summer steelhead flies.

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I"ve been happy with my Wheatley boxes for my Steelhead flies. The clips hold big and small flies well. I've owned two of their boxes and used them extensively for the past 6-8 years. I paid about $60.00 each for them but believe they've been worth the money.

I like the Morel boxes for my salmon flies, flies that don't generally stand up too tall when placed inside so that they don't get scrunched.

J-PAC makes an excellent foam box in a LARGE FLY series. I use these for all my speys up to 3/0. They are light and only $14 and $16 and we carry them at the shop. Go to if you want to have a look in the online store.

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