Steelhead season is upon us....what are some of your favorite flies?

Just wondering what to fill my fly box with! I've got streamers et all just wondering what your favorite ways to fish for them is and what you use?

So far I'm 2 for 2 on hook ups just no steel to hand. I was way undergunned!

I bust out a nymph rig (double nymph) and swing on the end. Usually it involves an egg pattern and a soft hackle of sorts.

Out of my only two hook ups ever, one was hooked on an egg and one took a baitfish imitation streamer pattern (rather large, 4 inches long) white body, grey back and red underneath (gills) no name just tied it up myself. First one fish broke off, 2nd one fish broke rod and bent hook. :(

This season I will have proper rod and leader.

What's your favorite way to fish and what are your fav flies?


I hope she likes whitefish
Skagit minnows, muddlers, intruders, traditional Spey flies, moal leeches, and pretty much anything else I think might work.

And then when I want to catch it comes.....the bead. Sorry guys...


Skunk , egg sucker and articulated leech.

I just want someone to explain to me how you go 2 for 2 on hookups with no fish to hand..... Does that mean you only cast twice and both times you hooked up? :clown:
It means I went out twice for steelhead and each time I hooked one, but both got away. ;) As opposed so going out for steelhead and going home w/o even a tug. :)
By my estimation the steelhead season (at least for summer-runs) is already about 80% over. I am mentioning this because you seem new to steelheading. Sorry to hear about the broken rod. I wouldn't use anything lighter than a single hander 6 weight if you are fishing for steelhead.

Check out some of those OP rivers in June and July for steelhead. No need to wait for October to get going.
And then when I want to catch it comes.....the bead. Sorry guys...
I definitely have my reservations as well with the beads, but you just can't argue with results. And with the way steelhead fishing is, sometimes that bead can be the difference between catching fish and catching nothing.
Marabou: purple/black, blue/black, orange/black, pink/black, pink/purple, red/yellow/orange. These tie up quickly, have a lot of action and relatively inexpensive. It doesn't bother me when I fold a hook point on a rock or have to break one off that got stuck into something on the bottom.

Elaborate flies such as Spey and Dee styles are nice to look at but the time involved and the materials required make for a bitter pill to swallow when one is damaged on a rock or stuck in a piece of wood. Consequentally I tend to not let the fly swing deep and am defeating my efforts. I will use them on summer runs that are more condusive to move up in the water column to take a fly.