Alright, I am kinda new to the steel hunt, so be easy on me.
I am just looking to see how long winter steelhead continue to flow into Columbia tribs. on the west side. I know they can be caught well into June, but the counts going over the dam have dropped since the middle of December. Is there another run that shows up later, or do these guys just kinda hang out and take their time going up the tribs?

I have been thinking about going and splashing in some of my spots on the Washougal and I was just looking to see if this was a bad year, or if I am early.

Thanks guys!!
There are only a few river east of Bonneville that get winter steelhead so the dam counts arent a good gauge as to the status of the run. In SWW most of the hatchery fish come in during December and January, followed by the wild fish in Feb, Mar, and even April.