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    Jul 3, 2010
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    Newcastle, WA.
    OK, not only am I a novice fly fisherman, I'm a novice computer user.]I'm not even sure if i'm in the right place, so bear with me. I have drug flies around in WA. & B.C. alpine lakes, fished WA. creeks (tribs to Lake Kachess& the upper Yakima) and fished local rivers to me (Cedar/Renton area) but I want to learn more. I have read the Curtis Creek Manifesto front to back, and am in the middle of L.L.Beans fly fishing handbook. I don't want to know everyones favorite fishin holes, I would just like to catch and relase bigger and better fish, and most importantlly, pass ( and learn ) the stewardship philosiphies along to my son. I have fished for many years ( mostly spin casting ) even as far back to when Spirit Lake was a crystal clerar pool. ( Late 1965, long prior to Mt. St. Helens blowin) but nothing compares to fly fishing. I don't want something for nothing, I just want to learn more, and stick to this method of fishing. Any info to stear me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Also, any volunteer oppurtunities that myself and my son could participate in would also be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You All

    Sincerely; Steve Hillestad
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