Stillwater Fly Fishing Class

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    Pacific Fly Fishers is offering a "Stillwater Fly Fishing Class" that begins on October 26th.

    Description: Washington has some of the best stillwater fly fishing in
    the country. Lakes, however, can be challenging to learn. In this
    course, anglers will gain valuable insight on finding fish in stillwaters,
    insects and other available food items, presentation techniques,
    equipment considerations, fly patterns and where to go in our local
    area. Then, we'll put it all together in a half-day of fishing on one of
    out local lakes.

    Limited to six anglers. Participants will need a pontoon
    boat or float tube for the fishing portion.

    Dates: Wednesday, Oct. 26th from 7-9pm (Classroom)
    Thursday, Oct. 27th from 7-9pm (Classroom)
    Saturday, Oct. 29th from 8am-Noon (On-the-water)

    Cost: $75

    Location: The two classroom sessions will be held at the Pacific Fly Fishers store in Mill Creek, WA. The Saturday "on-the-water" portion will most likely be at Pass Lake or possibly Lone Lake.

    Registration: To sign-up, call the flyshop at (425)742-2402 or swing by the shop.
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    Is Brian teaching it? His BC stillwater patterns are awesome!