Stillwater Invertebrates; Flies & Techniques for Trout

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    The Greywolf Flyfishers Presents:

    Dr Keith Stamm (U.W.)

    "Stillwater Invertebrates, Flies and Techniques for Trout"

    Wednesday, July 12th 7:00 p.m.

    Gardiner Community Center

    Gardiner, Wa

    Located 1/2 hour west of the Hood Canal Bridge taking hwy 101, the Gardiner Community Center is on Gardiner Beach Rd, first right just past the Wild Bird Shop. Second building on the left.

    ]B]Dr Stamm will present a comprehensive analysis to the question:[/B]

    "What flies do I need to fish these Northwestern Trout lakes, and when and where will I need them?"

    His analysis will cover:

    1) The major catagories of invertebrates that Trout eat.

    2) The aquatic environments in which they are prevalent.

    3) Seasonal variations in prevalence.

    4) major life stages; Larvea, Nymph, Pupae, Emerger, Dun, Spinner.

    The focus of this lecture and presentation will be on the selection and use, presentation etc, of fly patterns for stillwater Trout fly fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

    Dr Stamm's teaching and flyfishing background is extensive. If you have ever struggled to solve the riddles of insect hatches in lakes, flyfishing for stillwater Trout, this presentation will really help you to improve vastly in knowledge and techniques.