Pattern Stonefly Creeper


Hook: Your favorite nymph hook in stonefly sizes
Thread: Yellow or Gold
Weight: Lead wire or equivalent
Tail: Pheasant tail fibers
Over Body case: Mallard flank
Abdomen: Stripped brown hackle stem
Thorax: Yellowish dubbing
Legs: Hungarian partridge or equivalent

The above fly is just one color and as the tyer you can tie them in whatever color of stonefly that inhabits your area streams

NOTE: this is one version of this fly. there are other version with the same name, slightly different materials.

be creative. think about it. experiment.
Good looking bug, Norm. One aspect I am not so sure about is the durability of the shellback mallard barbs. Might they fare better/longer with some form of ribbing to lash them down?

Hans W
thanks Hans,

i totally agree about the lack of durability in the mallard flank but ribbing material was not called for in the recipes i found in my books or even online (just trying to stay as original as possible). i would also be worried about the skinny end of the hackle stem coming in contact of trout teeth.

i guess it was the way they did it back then :) i like it for the "old fly pattern" factor

there's a lot of materials that could be used to bring this fly up to date and more durable. maybe that's my next version of this fly