Swap stonefly swap

David Dalan

69°19'15.35" N 18°44'22.74" E
Mine will be there in a day or two.

No toe tags, but I never named it anyway. Wiggly Legged Bastard will do...


Tail: Black Biot
Rear: Black Larval Lace
Thorax: Mixture of Black/Olive/Brown SLF.
Legs: Black rubber with red sparkles
Thread: Black 6/0

They are weighted.

mike doughty

Honorary Member
i hope to have the last couple of sets of flies when i get back from idaho. unless i get them tommorrow the flies won't be sent out till after i get home. so hopefully will have them out by march 3rd. sorry for the delay

mike doughty

Honorary Member
david dalan's sweet looking stones showed up today. one more, which should be on the way and we will be set. i am idaho next week so they will be mailed as soon as i get back, march 3rd

mike doughty

Honorary Member
flies are all divied (sp?) up and flies are going out. i will try and post pics tonight. some killer patterns in this swap. i think everyone will be pleased. thank you guys for playing


Sculpin Enterprises
Hi Mike,

Thank for your efforts in initiating this swap and keeping everyone informed and on track. Well done!! I'm looking forward to everyone's contributions.

What a beautiful set of flies! My hat is off to you all. I can not wait to get them. Better yet to fish them. i have a collection of flies from swaps that I think are exceptionally tied and several of these will go into that collection. Thanks Mike for hosting this swap.