Stormy Bahama trip

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    Flying into Grand Bahama island Saturday afternoon 9-29-07 was exciting as the pilot was making turns around the thunder heads.
    Glad to get my feet on the ground and looking forward to exploring and fishing this island paradise.
    First stop is the market for supplies (beer and water).
    The next two days were stormy, high winds, rain, lighting. The short times between thunder storms showed how tough the fishing would be.
    High surf had clouded the inner coastal waters, piles of dead eel grass on the beach.
    Wednesday was calmer and we went to a spot called Banana bay for lunch and as we ate and watch the bay we started to see clouds of bait fish chasing around.
    Out come the rods and off chasing the bait fish we go.
    After a short time we figured out we could not keep up so we would stand a wait for them to come to us.
    We spotted a big cuda that would not chase a fly and the same went for a couple of small sharks.
    About to give up and go back for a cool drink a school of bait fish were being pushed up on the beach.
    Cast after cast and I get a hook up with what I think is a big bone fish until I get it in closer to find a nice bar jack. All right first fish to hand.
    Next day we went out to the National park, check out the lime stone caves and a great looking sand flats with pockets of eel grass we could wade and cast to.
    Same scene with the cudas and small sharks. We did get a couple of small cuda to chase a fly but no strike.
    The wind started to kick up and clouds would block out the sun, so we headed back to the beach.
    While taking a break I spotted a small pod of bones cruising the shore line.
    From the shore we could not cast because of the trees and from the water the fish were hard to spot so I climbed back up the beach and spotted for my son. He hooked a small permit (maybe 10") while casting to a bone fish.
    Now it's my turn while he spots and I hook up a small bone.
    The rest of the trip was exploring new fishing spots, beach combing and enjoying the warm tropical land.
    I fished a couple of jettys and one of the canals, where I was skunked or only got a few bites.
    I did catch another small bar jack in the canal and I had a very large jack chase my fly out at Banana bay.
    On the last day we went back out to the National park and I hooked a small permit while casting to a bone fish.
    I learned a lot and maybe next time I'll have more and bigger fish and better stories to tell.