Pattern String Leeches ....

Hi All
I live in Liverpool England UK (Home of the Beatles)
I wonder if anyone on here knows where I can purchase any String Leeches--I need somewhere that would ship them to the UK? Although I could have them sent to my friend in Massachusetts and collect them next time I'm over in the US
I was given one by a guy I met some time ago and unfortunately lost it bawling: and can't find anywhere here in England that sell them :(
I had quite a lot of success using it.
I fish smallish lakes and reservoirs here ,but have not got around to tying my own flies/lures yet
I am going to join a fly tying guild and hopefully will soon be tying my own
Thanks for that ...
Surely there must be somewhere else that sell them --or does everyone tie their own ??

Anyone know any instructional sites for tying them ?


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What size(s) are you looking for?

Straight bunny, or bunny/flash, or w/gizmos?


Zonker strip, or Crosscut?

I do a passable leech, and if you pay for materials and a little time, I could probably find it in my heart to do a few more.