Stripping basket quick question

I was wondering where you guys have gotten the belts to use on your stripping baskets. Dont have an old pair of waders with spare belt. Yea sure, bungee cords work but, belt would be nice.
Stripping basker quick question

You could make one... Go get a nylon belt piece and buckle from a craft store or even REI/other sporting goods store may have multi purpose straps with clips. I got one of these to keep my sleeping pad rolled tight for cheap at REI.
Stripping basker quick question

Whats wrong with using a bungee cord for a belt? Its like using sparkplugs/nuts&bolts for weights. LOL I'd just go to walmart and see what they got for wader belts.

Ed Call

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Stripping basker quick question

Backpack waist strap. Trouser belt that is long enough to get through. Nylon web belt for convertible type pants. Borrow one from Mumbles. Get one at Sportsman's (Outdoor Outfitter), Kitsap Sports, Wal-Mart or the like.


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Stripping basker quick question

Good Will or Value Village both have tons of cheap belts, straps etc......

Big E

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Stripping basker quick question

I just threw away an elastic belt the other day that would have worked great or that.
Stripping basker quick question

I broke the buckle on mine shutting it in the door of my truck so I went to JoAnn fabrics and bought another buckle. They also have all of the parts. It cost about $4 total.
Stripping basker quick question

after several years of dicking around with homemade contraptions that worked pretty good, i just bought the orvis basket.

worth every penny. seriously. plus its orvis brand. clearly leads to more hookups and more streamside swagger. when i was at dash point people walked me to the school of fish, rubbed my shoulders down, stretched my line and removed any and all foliage from my fly because i was fresh to death in the flyest gear.


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Stripping basker quick question

Seconding P. Dieter, Seattle Fabrics has web strap, by the foot, in every imaginable width and material as well as every kind of plastic buckle you could ever think of.