Stripping Baskets

I'm holding out for the 'Sailor Moon' themed stripping basket. May. Just have to make it cause I haven't seen Simms or Orvis make it yet. ;-)
anyone know if the Linekurv basket is sold anywhere from south seattle and beyond. Outdoor Emporium, Sportco, or Puget Sound Fly Co? I'd like to pick one up before next tueday.
PSFCo does have good affordable baskets.

Try putting 1"-2" of water in your baskets. The line will float freely, rather than being stuck to the basket and itself by surface tension. You'll have fewer tangles and can get more distance.


Not to be confused with Freestone
I keep telling (more like reminding) myself each time I'm trying drag up intermediate line from the depths and tide swings for casting, that I need to get one. I really don't saltwater fish that much...maybe a dozen or so times/year.... and about the time I get serious to complete the task, I don't. So, I fumble, dredge, untangle, bitch and mumble to myself while fishing. Most figure I have tourette's syndrome and that leaves me plenty of elbow room...always an upside.:)