Styles of fishing for resident silvers

My fishing buddy and I fished twice this week for resident silvers between the windy, rainy storm fronts. The quality of fishing was about the same as last week.

The style of fishing were different both days. Part of the beauty and challenge of fly fishing on Puget Sound is that every day is usually different since you need to find where the fish are "hanging out" that day and adjust your style of fishing to what the fish are doing or feeding on.

The first day, we fished a strong ebb tide with the resident silvers frequently staying put for 5 to 10 minutes along the softer edge of current seams. This enabled us to anchor the boat and keep the fish within casting range until they mysteriously disappeared or we could see them move out of the area and then the "chase" was on.

The second day, we fished slow ebb and flood tides and the resident silvers were constantly moving about "big time." So, we either had to: (1) try to get ahead of them which is not an easy task to do without spooking them plus they frequently will change directions or (2) drift and wait for them to come back by which they don't always do.

When the resident silvers are on the move, they usually "win the cat and mouse game" but once in awhile you get lucky which is enough to keep you coming back!


Steve Rohrbach

Puget Sound Fly Fisher
Roger, your reports need to be much more discreet and circumspect. Every time you mention a marine area, imagine how many people sell everything and move here from Missoula. What next, are you going to name counties????
Your true friend, Steve:)