NFR Subaru Head Gaskets

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    Buying a crossover these days takes a lot of research and shopping. Just going out and buying what everyone else does may not be the answer. Particularly if you are seat conscience at all. It pays to sit in everything and see which seat actually fits you. Since you will be seated the entire time you drive if you make a mistake at the get go you will pay for it the entire life of a vehicle. Think buying a pair of stylish shoes that are one size too small-you don't notice the problem until you walk in them.

    Car seats are more difficult than shoes though since they are truly one size fits all. For decades I have griped about seats that lack thigh support for tall people. During that time people were getting bigger but the seats were actually getting smaller due to downsizing. Even some pickups had seats that were like sitting in Little League bleachers-they advertised those rigs as being big macho brutes for "real men" yet the seats were perfectly configured for someone no more than 5'7'' and around 150#.

    The crossover market is the biggest segment in the world right now and as such there is a multitude of choices. I would urge a buyer to go out and drive everything-and I mean everything-from Japan, Korea, the US and Europe. The more you drive the better your chances of making a decision that fits you. One of those rigs will say: "Take me home!", the rest will be assigned to runner up status no matter how well your neighbor likes his runner up.
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    The April Consumer Reports Auto Issue is out and there is some interesting reliability data.

    In used cars, the Least Reliable 8 yr old car and 12 year old cars are listed as the Impreza.
    In the 4 year old least reliable, a different vehicle was listed.

    In the reliability ratings by year and issue, looking at major engine issues, newer year Imprezas are much more reliable than average, but as you go back in model year, which would also correspond to getting data on older vehicles with more mileage, they appear to become less reliable than average. Same with the Forester. However, not the Outback which mostly maintains reliability in these charts.

    Perhaps these data reflect the head gasket issue that is reputed to arise from 75K onward?

    But, is the outback engine different from the impreza engine?

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    Good question.
    usually I drive a vehicle from new to 200,000 miles.
    The immediate reasons reasons to replace the sedan at 50,000 miles are:
    1. I want a more upright seating position for my lower back and legs.
    2. I'm not that fond of it, in contrast to most previous cars or vans.

    I have a 2003 Sienna minivan for practical uses and adventures. With most seats out, its a good hauler and rolling locker room, and I can put a canoe or kayak or other small boat on top.
    I got an Outback for my wife a couple of years ago, which serves us well with snow and ice, and is still practical for some adventuring.

    I could get an old used vehicle (2003 Rav4 from a friend who wants to get rid of it, 160,000), but then when I drive out of town with the Suburu for reliability, I would be leaving my wife with only old vehicles.

    So, upright seating position is key at this point.
    not so old I don't want to leave my wife with only old vehicles when I take a less old one on the road.
    Thinking a crossover, not necessarily another Suburu. AWD is not essential, but the crossovers sold in this region generally have it.

    Subaru uses common motors in those years, my research now shows variation from a 2.0 and 2.5L now. Like I previously reported my neighbor had to have his 15 outback motor replaced at 25k. You can have the strongest legs and arms, but you’re not going to win if you have a serious heart defect, exactly the problem with Subaru.
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