"success is measured by how well you fail"

Well I did a great job failing to hook a ton of fish (searuns), but I did see two bald eagles on one piling. I hit up north Hood Canal and did not get much. It was nice to get a bit of sun and get the boat up to full speed again. Smooth as glass. The water was very murky due to the rain and the clay banks around the canal. It looks as though my last refuge is also blown out as well. It looked like Tacoma or Seattle after a huge rainstorm. This rain just keeps on screwing me out of fish.:beathead:

Mike Etgen

Not Quite A Luddite, But Can See One From Here
Since someone noted failure (Thanks, Josh!) I'll attach my own recent summary of failure to this.

Went to Penrose Point on the Key Peninsula on midday Wednesday, knowing the tides might not be in my favor but hoping for a little magic, arriving about an hour before the tide peaked. Cutts jumped out of the water with some regularity, so I trudged up a trail through the woods that would get me out towards the point.

A loose Rottweiler appeared in the trail about seventy-five feet away, but even from a distance he could tell by the look in my eyes that it had been too long between fishing trips and he wisely skulked away. I got to the water without incident and then fished for about three hours, also without incident.

The fish continued to appear from time to time, always too far out or where I had been a few minutes before or where I should have been. As the tide started to drop, the activity did, also, but I still saw fish often enough to keep me motivated.

I'd actually planned to get all the way out to the point, as I'm guessing that silvers might show up there occasionally, though I don't know that for sure, but I'd have been happy to hook up with a cutt ot two. In the end, with the tide still quite high, I stayed in one area about a hundred feet in length that allowed me back-cast room, which I wasn't sure would be available out on the point.

Along with not having to hurt the dog, I happened to catch an afternoon when the rain let up and it was pleasant to be out. It was the first time I'd been able to get out at all for weeks and that was worth a lot. As a fisherman, I had the place utterly to myself. And, come to think of it, I did see a juvenile eagle go over at one point. Unfortunately the wind was pretty frisky most of the time and of course, was right in my face.

The fish I saw jumping were mostly smaller, though a few beefier 12-14 inchers showed off.

Maybe some others can confirm (or dampen) my suspicion about silvers there. I do know for sure that cutts show up there, and it sure is a nice place to go. I've been out there four times in a year and seen only on other fisherman of any kind...